Friday, May 20, 2011

Today Is The Day

Technically, I guess yesterday was the day. It was the day I decided to start exercising again. Not taking a 30 minute walk to the park and back kind of exercise. Not doing 25 squats while bouncing a fussy baby kind of exercise. I mean REAL exercise.

I mean Jazzercise.

That's right. I not only drive a minivan. I do Jazzercise.

And I love it!

Our local Jazzercise has a program that offers free unlimited classes if you volunteer an hour a week in their childcare. I have been a little reluctant to sign on because I was too afraid to commit. For some reason, being a stay at home mom makes it really hard to commit to an kind of schedule - maybe because I love that my job has no "real" schedule. Hard to give that up.

But I finally decided that making a commitment to exercise was probably pretty important. So I signed up.

And yesterday was my first official class. It's funny how quickly I have gotten out of the habit of exercise. It felt so foreign to put on a sports bra, pack my bag, and grab my water bottle. And I cant pretend I wasn't really nervous. What if I passed out from not being able to breathe? What if my heart exploded from overload? What if I threw up like they do on Biggest Loser? What if my son screamed the whole time in childcare and the other moms couldn't enjoy their workout?

Thankfully, none of that happened. I was a little out of breath but in a good "This will all be worth it" kind of way. My heart didn't explode and I didn't puke (although I did make sure I had an escape route in case I needed to) And the music was so loud I couldn't tell if my kids were screaming or not.

There were a few times I wasn't sure I could do another attitude leg lift. And I did have to conveniently adjust my weights a few times to give myself a break. But the older lady in front of me sure did motivate me. I used to be a dancer for Pete's sake! Jazzercise was not going to get the best of me!

And in the end, it felt really good. My body felt good. And it felt so good to be doing something for myself, for one hour, without the kids.

So, I'm committed. I'm going to Jazzercise. A least twice a week. Or maybe more if I can get over the guilt of putting my kids in childcare.

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