Friday, May 6, 2011

Down the Drain

My daughter likes to throw things. Not balls. In fact, she probably inherited my ball throwing skills. She likes to throw things when she's mad. I don't know who she inherited that from.

So the other day we were in the bathroom washing her hands and something I did made her really mad. Honestly, I dont even remember what was making her so mad. But she was frustrated and needed to take it out on something. she picked up a tiny plastic flower pot that belongs to her doll house and threw it across the room. Of course, it landed right in the open, just used, potty.

Here was my opportunity for a little natural consequences style parenting. I remained calm and said, "I am so sorry that landed in the toilet. It's gone now. We can't throw our things because they can get broken or lost."

She was pretty upset. It was working. She was crying and talking herself through what had just happened: "I was frustrated and I threw my toy and now it is gone forever and we can't get it.". I was pretty sure the consequences were sinking in.

As soon as we were done washing her hands, I had decided I would probably fish that little toy out of the toilet. The lesson had been learned and my daughter had suffered long enough. So, I reach over to grab the towel and I hear a flush.

Thank you little brother.

Lesson learned.

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  1. Awesome. Lola might need a little brother.