Friday, May 20, 2011

No Interruptions Please

We're in a local coffee shop that has some toys. Both of the kids were awake at 2:00 and I couldn't imagine the rest of the rainy afternoon in the house trying to entertain the kids and referee arguments. Coffee shop was a good idea, right?

I put the kids in the play section so I wouldn't have to chase them while I ordered my coffee. At the counter, I ordered my drink and then yelled across the cafe to my daughter, "Do you want anything to drink?".

She looked at me in the midst of playing with a pretend phone but didn't respond. I tried to make my question more specific, "Do you want some water?".

She looked at me, took the phone from her ear and responded, "I'm in the phone mom"

Oh. Guess I shouldn't have interrupted. Next time I'll wait patiently. Another lesson learned.

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